K.A.V.E. Club

K.A.V.E. Club

(Kids ActiVe Enrichment)

Child Care for school-age children
(Kindergarten through Fifth Grades)

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Academy’s school age child care provides developmentally appropriate programs for children and support for their families when school is not in session. This program is available during the ten-month school year at all of our locations and summer sessions are offered when space is available. Before School Only and After School Only operate on days when MCPS is in session. Holidays, snow days, or other MCPS closings are not included in part day programs. Extended days (Before and After program) offer full day child care coverage when Academy is open. Refer to Academy’s scheduled closings in this handbook and this year’s Academy Calendar.

Students need an environment that is relaxing, fun, safe and motivational. Before and after care supports opportunities for children to form friendships, develop interests, skills and to experience an environment of companionship and guidance. Academy encourages academic achievement and provides a quiet 45 minute homework period. If a student has not completed the homework, he/she may opt to complete homework or to participate in the planned daily activities. Academy mentors students to complete their homework by answering questions, providing resource materials and discussing the assignments with the classroom teachers when necessary. Individual tutoring opportunities are offered using the Counselor-in- Training (C.I.T.) program at some of Academy’s center locations. This program incorporates approved highschool and middleschool students who volunteer their time and receive community service credit. The CIT students must apply, have good references, and be accepted and go through an orientation process.

Group time, snack, outdoor play, recreational and club activities will be scheduled daily. Field trips round out the program. Ratios are at least 1:15 and usually lower.

We have flexible schedules!


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