Infants, Toddlers, & Tiny Tots

Infants, Toddlers, and Tiny Tots…

For children 3 months to 3 years of age.

This program is offered at our Academy Hills (Rockville), Stone Mill (North Potomac) locations.

Academy offers carefully designed environments for our youngest children, starting at three months of age. Specially trained staff nurture and guide the little ones through these formative years. Continuity of care and secure, loving relationships prepare children for their emerging independence. The Tiny Tots staff will assist with “potty training” for two and three year olds. Staff ratios are excellent and usually exceed recommendations. A l: 3 ratio is maintained in the Infant/Toddler room and a 1:6 ratio in the Tiny Tots. Staffing for each classroom depends on the ages of the children, the number of children in the group, and the individual classroom size. All teachers maintain current infant/child CPR and First Aid. To help maintain a healthy environment for all, parents must furnish documentation of immunizations, medical conditions, and medication orders according to schedule.
Staff members are selected according to Academy policies, OCC licensing requirements, and NAEYC accreditation guidelines. In addition to early childhood credentials, all teachers have completed course work specific to children, birth to age three. Each infant and toddler will be assigned a primary care provider who will be responsible for working with parents regarding their child’s activities, growth and development. Every two months, parents need to provide the center with an updated written daily schedule for their child.

The program will be individually developed according to NAEYC child development standards, individual needs, and center constraints. Developmentally appropriate activities are child-centered, directed toward the natural interests and inclinations of children. The activities are also need-centered, directed toward the physical, emotional, cognitive and social abilities of children as determined by normal expectations.

Parent communication will be on a daily basis via the completion of a daily log and through morning and afternoon dialogue between parents and teachers. Parents are strongly encouraged to share information with staff and should put important information in writing. Staff will complete the log indicating feeding patterns, diapering schedules, sleeping and daily highlights. Parent meetings and workshops will be held periodically to give parents the opportunity to meet with the staff and with other parents who have children at Academy.

The Academy Curriculum  follows The Creative Curriculum for Infants/Toddlers and Twos. This curriculum was designed by a team of child development and childcare experts.  This Curriculum is grounded in current early childhood and recent brain development research.

For over 30 years, this curriculum has helped early childhood educators across the country to plan and implement content-rich, developmentally appropriate programs that support active learning and promote children’s progress in all developmental areas.

Today, The Creative Curriculum is widely regarded as a forward-thinking, comprehensive, rigorously researched curriculum approach that honors creativity and respects the role that teachers play in making learning exciting and relevant for every child.