Asfar Family

Our family has been part of Academy Hills for 4 years now. It has been a wonderful experience with childcare and early education and has far exceeded our hopes and expectations. We started our oldest daughter at 5 months and she has beautifully transitioned through their infant, toddler, tots and preschool classes with her younger sister following on the same path. We’ve come to know and love ALL of the teachers at Academy Hills and we feel like they’re really an extension of our own family. I would never have imagined we would feel this comfortable leaving our children in the care of others but the teachers and staff at Academy Hills goes out of their way each and every day to let you know that your children are loved, respected and well cared for while in their hands.   They work wonderfully with the children  and teach them so many things I would not have thought possible at such young ages. We were looking for childcare and a school that could provide a nurturing and caring environment that was also educational.. ..and Academy Hills excels on all counts!

The Afshar Family Adriane, Mark, Charlotte & Madeleine

When selecting a childcare provider, you want to five things: safety, cleanliness, comfort, trust, and love.Academy Hills provides those core ingredients plus much, much more.

I came to the Academy four years ago when we were pregnant with our first child. I remember my site visit very clearly. The staff was warm and welcoming. The leadership was patient and transparent. And in the one hour I visited, I did not hear one child cry, only laughter and signing. Clearly children cry. But as a first-time mother, it was so reassuring to have such a pleasant and positive atmosphere. They did not have an opening at the time. However, I kept in touch with their Executive Director, Debbie, who is always extremely responsive and kind.

When the time came to move our daughter into preschool and our expected second son into daycare, we knew exactly where we wanted them to go. The Academy staff worked with us on selecting the right classroom and the right start dates that met our schedule and budget. After having been at the Academy for only six months, I can tell you that we are extremely happy with our decision.

Each day we see our children grow, learn and laugh. Each day I am amazed at the passion these professionals have for their work and these children. I would recommend Academy Hills to anyone and everyone who is searching for that “home-away-from-home!”

Amanda Moscowitz

My son has attended Academy for almost two years, starting at 9 months of age. We are so pleased with his development intellectually, socially, and physically. We are often amazed when he comes home with new knowledge and skills that he has learned through Academy’s Programs. His teachers and school administrators have been so supportive in working with us to ensure he is getting the most out of all the wonderful lessons and activities. They facilitate constant communication as well as take time to address his individual growth. My son is excited when we pull into the parking lot every day. He loves his classmates and teachers and speaks about the fun he has at “school.” We have received many comments about his verbal abilities, which I attribute greatly to the Academy Program. My husband and I have bonded with several Academy Families and enjoy meeting other parents and guardians at drop off and pick up as well as during some of the fun activities Academy runs throughout the year like Trunk or Treat, Pizza Night, Silent Auctions, and Teacher Appreciation Activities. We do feel as though Academy is a Family. We know our son is loved and cared for and in the best possible hands when we drop him off every day. We’re thrilled with the remarkable progress he has made while at Academy, and would recommend the school to any family.

Katie Sweeney

Our son started at Academy when he was 3.5 months old and he is now 1 year old. He has truly blossomed at Academy and he has learned so much! The teachers always go the extra mile to take care of the children and they are so sweet with our son. He truly enjoys coming to school every day and we know that he is well taken care of. We would strongly recommend Academy for anyone considering childcare.

Jamie Stackman

Dear Carol, Ebba, & Sharmin,

We just want to thank you so much for everything you have done for Max over the past (almost) 2 years. As you may know, it is not easy to drop your child off with strangers, especially at only 12 weeks old. He was so little, and needed so much love, hugs and attention. From the second we came in for our “orientation” I felt that everything was going to be okay, and that Max was in the right place. At that point in his life, he was with you all for more hours a day than he was with us. You took on the role of teacher, and also parent and friend.

Max loves school. When we ask him what he did he often mentions his friends’ and teachers’ names, or one word answers for different activities such as “books” or “bubbles”. When he doesn’t want to wake up, I only have to tell him he’s going to school and he will say “Ebba?” or “Hera?” or “Nemo?” and all of a sudden he’s standing up in  his crib ready to go. We know you have taught him many songs and dances because he performs them at home. We know you have taught him animal sounds because we hear them at home. We know you have taught him to be kind, to be silly, to be friendly, and to be gentle because we see it at home. You have truly taught him more than I could ever imagine he could learn in  the first two years, and we are going to miss you all so very much.

We are excited for Max to grow up and move on to a new class, and we know the new teachers and friends will be great. However, we are sad to move on from the infant room and grow up! The room you have created is so special because of all of you, and any child is very lucky to be there. We hope this book brings some smiles and laughter to your current and new students. Max loves books and we thought this would be a good treat to read with new friends who come to class. We also hope you will fondly remember Max every time you read it! Plus, who doesn’t love some sweet treats?

There are not enough gifts cards, lunches, treats, or flowers to express our thanks for the care you have given Max. There are truly no words to describe how forever grateful we are for all of your love and kindness, so we will just finish with a very heartfelt “thank you.”

 Gary, Dana & Max Feldman



Our family has enjoyed being at the Academy all of these years. We will truly miss you and your great staff. My girls have excelled academically and had fun learning at the Academy. Thank you for being such a great Director and for setting the bar high by maintaining caring, quality teachers!!

Michelle Mitchell
Cold Spring, MD
Our family has been with Academy since 2004.  After considering many childcare options during my first pregnancy, Academy quickly became my first choice after one visit to tour and interview staff.  My daughter (now 8) started Academy at age 8 months and my son (now 3) at age four months.  The initial ‘selling points’ for our family was the atmosphere, curriculum, teacher-to-student ratio, and overall feel of the dedication of the center and staff to the children and their families.  Academy fosters developmental, academic, personal, and social growth in a caring, loving, interesting, and fun environment.  The teachers’ dedication, caring, and commitment to the children are unmatched.  While they are highly professional, they are deeply caring, individualizing each child’s goals and care in all areas.  Academy seems to have an uncanny sense of placing teachers with the ages that they are most skilled at working with, providing the children with the most nurturing and appropriate care.  The teachers’ interactions with the parents are also exceptional.  I have the utmost respect for the teachers.  They are very attentive to each and every student and quickly gain a very good sense of the childrens’ personalities and of their individual needs.  I cannot speak highly enough of Academy and Academy staff.  They have become a part of our family, and we feel that our children have been afforded opportunities and relationship building experiences that they could not have been provided in any other setting or situation.
The Villines Family
Rockville, MD

The Bernstein FamilyAcademy was highly recommended by other Academy families.  We were expecting our first child and didn’t know where to start.  We looked at several facilities, including  Academy Child Development Center and Primary School, which stood far above the others both in terms of cleanliness and cheerfulness of the location as well as the experience and and dedication of the staff. We had to send our child to another facility until a spot opened up at AH and it was worth the wait! The program offers flexible scheduling from full time with before and after care, as well as, part time options.  Because of our family’s changing needs, we have taken advantage of both full and part time options and have had good experiences with both.

The program has exceeded our expectations.  At the infant level, the staff is nurturing, loving and playful, which is exactly what you want for your child at that age.  As the children advance through the program, it is structured so that there is a healthy balance of play, education and development of social skills.  My kids have had so much fun and may not have realized how much they were learning in the process!  They also take great care to accommodate each child’s specific needs, abilities, and comfort levels.  From a purely academic standpoint, the program provides the children with an amazing foundation for the transition to kindergarten. The preschool and Pre-K curriculum at Academy teaches children the basics from letter and number recognition to reading and spelling simple words – which goes above and beyond the preparation provided at other facilities for school age children. 
Our favorite memories at Academy are the annual Halloween festivities and Pre-K graduation.  The kids and parents look forward to the Halloween parade and candy hunt every year. Its a wonderful tradition with tremendous participation from the parents and staff. In the same regard, Pre-K graduation is a parent’s dream!  Caps and gowns and the pomp and circumstance – its heartwarming to see how proud they are of themselves and their accomplishments.  One of the greatest moments was watching a video montage of the children that had been together since infants – to see them grow up together and mature from babies to kindergarteners was the best.  
The greatest benefit of our enrollment at Academy is being able to give my children the perfect blend of education, play, and social interaction.  The teachers and the staff provide a safe and loving environment for them to learn and develop lasting friendships – with other students and the teachers.  My oldest loves visiting his Academy family and I know my younger one will be the same.
Tanya Bernstein
Gaithersburg, MD
Parent of Jordan 2006-2011 and Sean 2008-Present  


Why did you choose Academy?   We had heard nothing but rave reviews about Academy from friends of ours who were Academy families.  I had never heard such across the board, positive feedback about a school or it’s teachers from any of my friends, but it seemed like everyone that I spoke to had the same wonderful things to say.  When it was time to send my second child to school, Academy was the first place we went.  We loved how interactive the teachers were with their students, and how all of the teachers and staff seemed to know each and every child by name, even ones that weren’t in their classes.  The children were engaged and excited about learning and the atmosphere was just exactly what I wanted for my daughter. How does our program meet your family’s needs?   My husband and I have very flexible work schedules that don’t fit in with the standard 8 am to 6 pm hours at other childcare facilities.  The hours and a la carte add on hours offered at Academy work great for us. What has impressed you most about our program?  What impresses me most about the Academy program is how much my daughter learns each week, and how disciplined she and her classmates are.  The school day is structured very well, but not rigid and our daughter thrives in an environment like that.  What is your favorite memory of Academy?   Every morning, part of the routine in the Pre-K class is for each child to write their name, then read and answer a question that is written on the board.  After a few weeks, my 4 year old (who cannot actually read), read the question of the day to my husband.  She had become so familiar with the routine and the words that she saw daily that she was able to deduce what the question was. What are the greatest benefits you and your child receive by continuing enrollment in our programs?  One of the benefits of being an Academy family is that my child feels comfortable with the fabulous teachers and staff that work there.  She looks forward to going to school and seeing her friends.  We have also become friends with many other families in her class and it has been nice to watch all of these wonderful children grow up together.

Diane Harris
Gaithersburg, MD


Why did you choose Academy?  I am a special education preschool teacher in the county, and I had several students who attended Academy over the years.  I was always impressed with the program and the teachers, and how well they worked with my students.  When I had my own children, I toured several preschools.  However, none measured up to what I had seen in the Academy classrooms. How does our program meet your family’s needs? Academy is very conveniently located to my work.  The teachers are top-notch, and I know that my children are in excellent hands. 

What has impressed you most about our program? 

The children’s teachers are warm, loving, and nurturing.  My children love to come to school.  The activities that they do on a daily basis are creative and engaging.  My girls have learned so much.  I know that Academy has helped them to be more than ready for kindergarten. What are the greatest benefits you and your child receive by continuing enrollment in our programs?  The children have learned and grown so much.  They have made friends, they love to learn, and most importantly, they are loved.

Susan Carmi
North Potomac, MD

Why did you choose Academy?  At the time, we had a 2 year old and wanted a loving daycare environment.  It was a bonus to find a school that transitioned into a preschool and Pre-K program and then to a primary school so we had all of our options available to us as he got older. When I toured the school, it stood out to me among the many I had seen at the time as the cleanest and brightest school with room for the kids to learn and play indoors and out while maintaining a “school” like feeling. Of course, its location and convenience to our work and home played a part too.

How does our program meet your family’s needs?  We now have a 4 year old and a 2 year old and both of them are thriving there.  They both are in age appropriate settings with appropriate toys and lessons.  The programs have clearly had a positive impact on the kids.  My 4 YO is encouraged to achieve more in his Pre-K class and is actually reading small books!  It is amazing to us.

What has impressed you most about our program?  The teachers have blown me away in all of the classrooms we have been in (now 3).  The teachers are perfect for the age groups, sincerely loving and recognize the strengths and needs of each child to ensure that they are growing and learning.  In the 3 years I have been at Academy, we have seen very, very little turnover in the lead teachers for the classrooms which is very nice from a parent’s point of view.  The fact that the school requires parent teacher conferences even for the toddlers is wonderful. I did not expect this and it is definitely a bonus for us.
Favorite Memory?  The holiday shows are our personal favorites.  Its fun to see all of the kids come together to proudly put on a show for their parents and siblings.
Greatest benefit?  Watching my kids grow has been amazing.  While I don’t know how they would have done elsewhere, I know Academy has played a role in their growth.  My oldest just turned four years old and is reading, doing math and has small homework assignments that he is excited to do.  His teacher has recognized his strengths and encourages pushing him to the next level regardless of where the other students are in that subject. My younger son was the youngest in his class when he joined Tiny Tots but the teachers were so accommodating and patient with him and he loves to join in with his older friends every morning. One of the greatest benefits of Academy has been its consistency with the quality of their care, their teachers and the strength of their curriculum.
Sarah Malik
Gaithersburg, MD

We chose Academy Child Development Center for our son after doing extensive research about the various daycare centers availability in this area. The Montgomery County education system is one of the highest ranking and ACDC’s Cold Spring location next to the Cold Spring Elementary School was one of the highlights. The curriculum offered and the dedication and relationship teachers have with the students is truly visible every day. They diligently and patiently work with the children and we see it in the progress our son makes every time he learns something new. Ayan's FamilyAcademy’s location, next to Cold Spring Elementary School is a big contributor to our family’s needs. We wanted a flexible daycare center within close proximity of our home as well as the elementary school, so the Cold Spring location worked out perfectly. As our son prepares to enter kindergarten, he is more excited than anxious as he will still be close to Academy during the before and after care offered. The teachers’ dedication to the children has impressed us most about the Academy program.  We see our son learn something new every day; he is a happy camper and always insists on playing ‘five more minutes’ when I come pick him up. The teachers must definitely be doing something right if he loves going to school every day, and relishes being there for as long as he can! Our favorite memories of Academy are the holiday shows and field trips the children experience! Our son talks about them continuously! I have had the joy of accompanying the teachers and children on a couple of field trips and they absolutely love them! The greatest benefit of continued enrollment at Academy is the comfort factor our son has by being there for so long. As he preps for kindergarten and new adventures, knowing he can come back to a familiar environment full of teachers and friends he has known since his Tiny Tots days, will always be a comforting factor.

Mansi Chowdhary
Potomac, MD

The Academy at Cold Springs has provided my child with a very nurturing environment.  Each morning he was greeted with excitement and hugs like a family member.  And when picking him up I was always enlighten with his new accomplishments.  I felt that it made for a easy transition from home to school for my son and me, and I also knew he was learning from the other children in the group. This for me was the best of both worlds.  Really at no time did I ever worry that my son’s needs or wants were not being taken care of by the wonderful staff at the Academy.

Lori Spence
Potomac, MD

We choose Academy for various reasons. We had visited several other daycare programs, but we choose Academy for the friendly staff, established program, and close proximately to the CSES.  Nothing can be more comforting for a working “away from home” parent, then to know their children are being well cared for by people who have the same values, hopes and dreams for their children as they do. Therefore, our needs are met due to competent, caring people at Academy. The quality that has most impressed us about the Academy program is the dedicated, professional staff. The teachers have done a wonderful job teaching our child letters and numbers in her early years as well as important social and behavior skills. Before she entered elementary school, Academy had an end of the year party outdoors. The children loved playing outside and receiving an album of their pictures doing various activities during the year. This is a great memory she has with her. The greatest benefit our family receives by continuing enrollment at Academy is the before and after school program. We are happy to know that each day we go to work our daughter goes to a place where she is cared. My wife and I want to express our sincere appreciation for what a wonderful job you do by taking care of our daughter Leila. We visited/toured several daycare centers prior to coming to yours. We were pleased to find you, even though my wife was hesitant to leave Leila with anyone! Over the past five years, you have truly become a part of our family. Thank you for creating such a warm, friendly, and fun atmosphere for the children.
Ehsan & Mina Motazedi
Potomac, MD

Close to 6 years ago when we first moved to the area,  we spotted this daycare right around the corner from our house. At that time, my husband and I were looking for a place for my 1 year old son and we had him enrolled right away. This center is very convenient for my family. The teachers are so friendly, kind, and warm- hearted. Now I have both of my kids enrolled in the center and they love their teachers. My Pre-Kindergartener’s teacher was recently away for about 2 weeks. He was talking about it every day that his teacher will be back after no school days! My older child started kindergarten last year. I felt that he was very well prepared for school both academically and socially! Thank you very much for all your hard work!

Zhixin Wei
Potomac, MD

We choose Academy Child Development Center because when we visited, it felt warm and homey. The teachers seemed to genuinely enjoy the children. It seemed like a happy place. The program also combined a preschool program that offered full day care, which suited the needs of our family. The thing that impressed us most about Academy was the staff.  For us, it was all about having our kids in a safe, loving environment. We felt that the staff really cared about the children and that it wasn’t “just a job” for them. My family and I have a lot of fond memories of Academy. The kids still remember their time at Academy and often talk about their teachers or things that happened there. The greatest benefit of Academy for my children was the continuity. My children were familiar and comfortable in the environment.

Tina Yu, Alumni
Potomac, MD

We chose Academy because it was clearly superior to any other daycare facility in the area that we had researched and visited. We felt very comfortable placing our three daughters in the program because of Academy’s caring, attentive and experienced teachers, quality curriculum, and safe, nurturing environment. All of our girls began as infants and graduated from the Pre-K program, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Academy gave all of them an incredibly strong foundation as they transitioned to elementary school.

Jackie Vinick
Gaithersburg, MD

Madeline and I looked at different schools together to choose the place she’d be most comfortable.  As soon as we walked into Academy, we knew we had found the right place!  It was a welcoming environment that she felt very comfortable in.  We were able to observe the class and watch the teachers’ interactions with the kids.  This observation is really what made my decision.  Although we only observed for a short time, it was clear that the teachers enjoyed what they were doing and that the kids adored their teachers and enjoyed being there.  As we walked out, Madeline asked me if she could start school the next day! We were looking for a 1/2 day Pre-K that would help her get ready both socially and academically for Kindergarten.  This program offered the flexibility of a half day program which would meet those needs. Many things have impressed me- everyone working there has been extremely friendly and helpful, it’s well organized and keeps parents well informed about what is going on through the newsletter and email communication, the “special times” throughout the week are great- Spanish class, PE, music.  Most impressive for us though, are the teachers.  They seem to have infinite patience and make learning fun for the kids.  They seem to enjoy what they do and that carries through to the kids.  Madeline comes home so excited about everything- the art projects, learning about new countries (she loved December!), that she can “speak” Spanish, and she loves telling and showing us new things she’s learned.  The creativity of the teachers in the lessons certainly holds her interest and as a result she loves going to school to see what’s going to happen next! We have only been there a short time, but Madeline says her favorite thing is playing with her friends. As a parent, the greatest benefit is feeling completely comfortable dropping my child off at school each morning knowing that she’s in a place she enjoys and where there are people who have the best interest of the children at heart. She is having fun, learning so many new things, and will be more than equipped for Kindergarten next year.  Academy has helped set the stage for Madeline that learning is fun and creative and I think that will be one of the greatest benefits to her.

Alisa Heath
Gaithersburg, MD

I was amazed at the incredible experience  Trips and Dips gave my daughter last summer.  Each day was truly an adventure.  The zoo, an amusement park, a museum… she went to more exciting venues in one week than I could arrange to take her in any given month.  And she gained a sense of independence that most children don’t get to achieve as a Kindergartener.   Julianne W.

My daughter has done Trips & Dips for 3 summers and wouldn’t even consider going anywhere else!  The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced; the activities are interesting and exciting.  And they do lots of really outstanding field trips!  It’s a fabulous experience for kids and parents alike.   Carol S.